What is World Wide Chess?

World Wide Chess is a tool that provides a solution to the main challenges that chess tournament organizers encounter when they organize a chess tournament: inscriptions, communication and complying with legal regulations.


Main Challenges


Control of the Inscriptions

With World Wide Chess you can create a registration form with the fields you want; export the list of registered in Excel format in real time and use the virtual POS. Finally, you will receive the payments of the registrations in a single transfer with the report of all the transactions.

Create an official website and communicate the tournament to Social Networks

With World Wide Chess you can create a tournament page where you can publish all the information that the organizer wishes (bases, prizes, dates, photos and others). Likewise, you can share both the tournament and the registration form in different social networks.

Comply with Legal Policies

With World Wide Chess the published tournament will comply with all data privacy law wrote by a law firm specialized in intellectual property, inventions, trademarks, digital law and data protection.

This way, players will find all the information, sign up and pay the tournament inscription in a much easier, faster and more secure way than nowadays.


From World Wide Chess we have a double mission: to facilitate all the management of chess tournaments for chess tournaments organizers and to facilitate all the search, registration and payment of tournaments for all chess players.


Be the reference tool for chess tournament organizers when it comes to making a tournament.